Cheryl Cheong, Samantha Tay and Liyann Seet in a Gaggenau Kitchen

Kindred Folks cafe owner and baker Cheryl Cheong spends her off days baking, and with the best equipment no less.

Cheryl Cheong loves to bake, and her love for making desserts started when she was young, and baked cookies and muffins with her mother, Dolly. Today, she is the one-woman show behind the three-and-a-half year old café Kindred Folk which specialises in handmade ice-cream.

She bakes and makes ice-cream daily, and outside of work, she bakes for fun too, “It’s relaxing and a creative outlet for me. I get to experiment with new recipes. There’s no time pressure nor stress if something goes wrong.”

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“It makes the process a lot more enjoyable and smoother when you have good equipment. For example, a great oven ensures better results when baking. That way, I can challenge myself even more with new recipes.”

Cheong gathered her good friends, aesthetic doctor Samantha Tay and hedge fund partner Liyann Seet for coffee, but not before baking a fruit tart together. Tay herself is a seasoned baker and is always up to try out a new recipe, especially in the minimalist Gaggenau-equipped kitchen.

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